All you need to know about the portabl eco-friendly anti-scale system
Keeping cleaning simple

It saves money
Using the WashBOX® the water becomes softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents can be reduced up to 50 %.
Washing with washBOX® is easier and faster! And you save money on detergents – helping the environment.

Highly Efficient
A capacity of 3000 liters per hour, gives the washBOX® an efficiecy, which leaves you with an anti lime scale effect on any surface – hence less polishing.

100% environmentally safe!
No salts or any other chemicals are being used in our product.
Due to this fact, there is no filter changes, no garbage and you will use less detergent.

Portable and handy
We designed the box to be small, portable and lightweight.
Cost and space efficiency at it´s best.

Is there a manual?
The use of the WashBOX® is really easy, but in case you have any queries, read through the manual or contact us.

Positive Reviews
We have many happy clients, who highly recommend us.
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WashBOX® is absolutely maintenance free!

washBOX® - the magic box! 🧞

The portable soft water solution for everywhere, even airplanes

cleaning caravancleaning bus
cleaning carcleaning windows
cleaning sailing boat
cleaning yacht
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washBOX® is your portable soft water solution.
Completely eco-friendly, durable, floatable, "Plug&Clean" and 100 % waterproof!

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