Portable eco-friendly anti-scale system, ¡ Without maintenance !

Its environmentally safe, highly efficient and it saves you a lots of money

Your alternative to chemical water softeners !

The portable soft water solution for everywhere

Durable, waterproof, floatable and easy to use

The easy way to handle lime scale problems


washBOX® - The magic box

The portable soft water solution for everywhere, even airplanes

cleaning caravancleaning bus
cleaning carcleaning windows
cleaning sailing boat
cleaning yacht
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WashBOX ® is the portable and ecological water softener for you.
Wash your Bike, Boat, Car, Caravan, Classic or Yacht with it - no more streaks and polishing - thanks to our mobile anti scale system!
Completely eco-friendly, durable, floatable, "Plug&Clean" and 100 % waterproof!

What does the washBOX® do?

washBOX® changes the shape of the lime crystals into microscopic smooth crystal sticks by environmentally friendly, physical treatment.

These new shaped crystals can no longer stick together and do not form hard lime deposits.

! Washing is different now !

The water is softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents can be reduced up to 50 %.

¡Washing with washBOX® is easier and faster!
🤣 and more FUN 🚀



The Classic Black

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Imagine you can use a chemical free and portable anti-scale system, not having to worry about the weight and tons of salt or any other chemical water softener.
WashBOX® was developed with the eco-friendly idea and ease of use in mind.

There is no easier way to handle lime scale problems.

Eva Maria Risse – washBOX® Developer and Aguaris General Manager

You can see the washBOX® in action on our next open event:
Sitges Classic Regata
30.07 - 01.08.2021 / Sitges - Spain

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